Couple / Relationship Counselling

I am separately qualified (to Level 4) and experienced in counselling couples.

I offer counselling to couples whether you want to stay together or achieve a good ending, or whether you haven't yet decided yet.

We decide together on what our counselling objectives are then concentrate on certain crucial areas - 

* how you communicate with each other

* what expectations and ideals you have brought into the relationship from your own family and/or from previous relationships

* how your experience as a couple has shaped you so far.

* the role of your intimate physical relations in the larger relationship

* how safe you believe you are in your relationship

* the effect having children may have on your relationship, and their safety.



Video per 60 minute session £60

Face-to-Face per 60 minute session £70


Contact Me


If you want to know more or make an appointment, contact me

on 07709 216100  or at


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